My Story

From Inspiration to Creation

For as long as I could remember, I've always loved art. I started drawing back in preschool as a way to cope with being surrounded by strangers. I actually started school a year later than my brother because I cried too much when my mum left me there. I still have a drawing in my preschool book. It's nothing special, just a heart split into four sections with crayon, but since then drawing has become a part of me that's changed my life. I remember my mum wasn't too supportive of my choice to become an artist. "Artists are only famous after they're dead," she used to say. Of course, I'm not looking for fame. I'm looking for recognition. My talent lies with cartoons, the main source of my inspiration. I have other areas of expertise, like still lifes and portraits, but cartoons are what I love. I hope to one day make a cartoon myself, one that people can relate to, one they could laugh or cry about. Until then, I'll be drawing, improving my art day by day.




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